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Screenshot of Auvril Audiobooks Mobile App

Auvril covers several categories of books: one is educational and covers high school, middle school and elementary school books and the other is nonfiction mainly books about marketing, economics and general self-improvement through collaborations with authors and publishers. Also on Auvril you will find royalty free books that have been translated by their people, and there is also a category of books that have been digested so that the reader can absorb the knowledge much faster. Lately some free books from Gutenberg publications in foreign language have been added. Also, in an effort to provide a more holistic experience, Auvril creates themed book packages, such as a series on business leadership, so that someone who listens to them receives a more complete knowledge. In fact, in recent months its services are also available in a mobile application (iOS and Android).

The mobile app developed in React Native and it is powered by a RESTful API built with NodeJS + Express + Amazon DocumentDB. All of the audiobooks and their covers are stored in AWS S3.

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Vasilis Balafas
Vasilis Balafas
Software Enginer, PhD Student in Computer Science

My research interests include Machine Learning, Constraint Programming, Optimization, Cloud Computing, and Programmable Matter.